Black Beauty is a high solids asphalt treatment designed to restore that velvet-like appearance to worn asphalt surfaces. It is totally resistant to oils, gasolines, battery acids and any other automotive contaminants. Patented additives make Black Beauty impervious to seasonal change and ultraviolet rays.

Release-It is an asphalt release that encapsulates dump beds, rollers, tools and equipment with a molecular film that prevents sticking and adhesion of asphalt. Provides a thin, uniform emulsion that acts like millions of ball bearings between equipment and hot, sticky asphalt.

Fuse-It is a coal tar derivative – 100% epoxy patching material designed especially for asphalt. It will repair cracks and holes permanently, used for Patching cracks, holes and anchoring equipment.

T&A Gel contains the all-natural solvent D-Limonene for the most powerful action available. It is designed to cling to vertical surfaces for maximum performance with no waste run-off.